New Website Launch - Pneuton

New Website Launch


New Website Launch

Pneuton are delighted to announce the launch of our first ever website – we hope that you will find a use for this new, dedicated online resource.

Why are Pneuton launching a website now?

Pneuton have been working as part of Orbinox UK for almost 10 years to provide engineers with purpose designed valve and actuator solutions. Whilst the relationship has worked well it is now time for Pneutons’ technical ability, and geographic reach, has extended beyond Orbinox UK’s market to the extent that it now needs to stand on its own.

The challenge in marketing a solutions engineering company like Pneuton is that it is difficult to talk about the services that we provide and the challenges that we address. With ten years’ experience, thousands of drawings in our library and hundreds of purpose designed valve and actuator solutions in operation we are now uniquely placed to demonstrate our capabilities and skills through our case studies.

If a website is to be successful it needs to be useful. Pneuton feel that we now have resources that we can deliver to customers and prospective customers through the website that will make them more effective when they come to source the products and services that we provide.

What will the website do for you?

The Pneuton website will evolve to become an important and dynamic resource for engineers when they are sourcing actuator and valve engineering products, services and solutions.

The website will offer a clear, accurate and detailed insight of Pneuton’s range of skills, capabilities and experience. Pneuton will be continuously presenting our work in a structured, accessible way so that engineers sourcing an as yet unknown solution to a problem will have the confidence to engage us.

The website will feature real-life case studies to help engineers get to grips with complex applications and environments and the many and varied challenges that they produce. You will be able to tap into our considerable store of knowledge, experience and expertise, understanding exactly how we work.

Through the resources pages we will be providing useful industry information, tips, tricks and insights for engineering better solutions as well as the latest news and developments at Pneuton. We hope that with the right feedback and direction from visitors to the site, the resources content that we provide will help our customers and prospects to continuously improve their own knowledge and expertise.

The website also includes a login area for each of our customers that will provide a document management service so that your engineers can access all of the necessary technical, safety and compliance paperwork wherever they are in the world, provided that they have an internet connection.

Fast, effective, efficient communications

Importantly, our new site will help us to improve communication with customers, more efficiently and more accurately. We are all notoriously busy and our solutions are developed to run alongside our critical environments. When face-to-face contact just isn’t practical or quick enough Pneuton will provide immediate support through the website, email and Skype.

What would you like us to cover?

Please let us know if there is anything we can add to our website and we will do our best to accommodate your suggestions.