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Custom Valve & Actuator Engineering Services

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Custom Valve Solutions

Pneuton work with with a variety of engineers across disciplines, industries and applications to specify, design, manufacture, test, implement and support valve and actuator engineering solutions.

The process that Pneuton have developed to repeatedly produce custom engineered valve and actuator solutions has evolved over the years in response to a huge diversity of customer needs, circumstances, environments, technical specifications, timescales and compliance requirements.

Pre-engineered & Bespoke Solutions

In most cases Pneuton will have some experience of your environment and application and will be in a position to provide you with a pre-engineered solution, please check out our Valve Automation and Control Systems.

If a pre-engineered solution has not been developed, Pneuton possess over 50 years’ experience in industry, enabling us to provide a long-term and unique application engineered solution. Pneuton are experts at identifying the root of the application, processes, automation and controls required.

At the end of the process you will be provided with all the documentation and components required to build, test and commission the required equipment. Pneuton offer superb on-going technical support as standard with all orders.

Pneuton take pride in working with their clients from the point of receiving the enquiry, throughout the design, assembly, testing, implementation and support process to produce a custom engineered solution that meets your precise requirements.

Based on our experience across industries and applications, we estimate that even in the most exceptional cases we will have completed at least 70% of the research, design and compliance work on other projects, passing on considerable cost and time savings to you.

The process that Pneuton have developed with our customers to repeatedly produce custom valve and actuator engineering solutions includes:

Application Engineering
Design Specification
Application Design
Testing and Inspection
Ongoing Support

To find out more about how Pneuton could be working with you to specify, design, implement and support custom made Valve Automation and Control Systems call us now on 01243 860664 or email us at