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What is PneuLINK™?

PneuLINK™ is our ‘linear to rotary’ integrated control platform.

The PneuLINK™ linear system is manufactured from 316 stainless steel and brass materials. The ergonomic design ensures an easy set up, trouble free installation and maintenance free operation.

The PneuLINK™ dynamic mechanism is both self-compensating and self- aligning, with minimal backlash and hysteresis, for high repeatability and total reliability!

From this traditional solution….

Traditional Solution
- Multiple junction boxes
- Exposed switches/sensors
- Exposed and untidy wiring
- Higher installation costs
- Potential safety hazards
- Higher site maintenance regime

To the PneuLINK™ system….

Pneuton Pneulink System
- Compact fully integrated switches & solenoid(s)
- Reduction in cable, glands and wire runs
- High visibility open /closed visual indicator
- Removes engineering from the installation team
- Easy, trouble free installation / commissioning
- Increased durability and reliability
- Ease of standardisation

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