Chemical Process Plant - Pneuton

Chemical Process Plant

  • Chemical Process Plant
A large rack and pinion actuator fitted with a Pneuton control system.
This piece of equipment was custom developed for use in a fertiliser plant for a large Chemical Major and is being used in a Damper Automation application. The main challenge for the client is complete reliability automation as if the Damper fails the entire site gets shut down which very quickly becomes incredibly costly.
The client specified a number of elements that had to be incorporated in the design to adhere to their site standard. The equipment that was nominated presented some challenges but through engineering team briefings we were able to design a tandem mount drive arrangement and demonstrate to the client that the solution achieved the necessary reliability for their requirement and environment. Pneuton had to come up with a neat, compact solution as this actuator was being situated in an environment where space was at a premium.
The design and approval process took around 4 weeks.