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This Pneumatic System was designed specifically for this application within the nuclear industry. The client came to us with a very clear idea of the issue but didn’t have a design brief to achieve the results they needed but new that the solution had to be extremely reliable.
This solution was designed for the nuclear industry is used in an application that handles eradiated co2, 54 bar and 425c. It sends a slug of co2 down a pipeline to clean a filter element.
Reliability was the key factor as the product is required to take a valve from fully closed to open and back to closed in less than 1 second. The product will only be used once every 6 weeks, which meant a lot of extra care in the design, infrastructure and equipment used to ensure a reliable product that works on demand.
As this product was being used in the highly regulated nuclear industry everything was assessed throughout the process from quotation to order was about 12 months.