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Off-Shore Rig

  • Off-Shore Rig
This Knife Gate Valve has been purpose designed for the drilling industry and is normally found on an off shore-drilling platform. This particular valve has been specially adapted for our client’s specific requirements. The valve uses 316 stainless steel, which is compliant to regulations within the oil and gas industry.
The valve is used on the drilling mud system on off-shore rigs. Due to the environment the solution needed to be simple to maintain, lightweight, compact and ergonomic.
Due to this valve being used on off shore oilrigs the clients specified no use of aluminium or copper alloys. The custom paint job on the valves is specific to the drilling mud system and off shore environment. The valve is fitted with a custom 2 wire position transmitter which transmits the valve position to the platform DCS System and control room.
The client requested the valves within an 8-week turn around which is a short lead-time for this type of product. We were able to take an existing product and adapt it to meet the client’s expectations and specific needs.