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Pneumatic Spring Return Actuator – Oil & Gas Industry

  • Pneumatic Spring Return Actuator – Oil & Gas Industry
This solution is a large Bettis G4 Pneumatic Spring Return Actuator custom designed for the Oil and Gas Industry. It is used on large 12 inch class 600 ball valves, which are the main gas on shore isolation valves.
The valves are used to transfer gas from an off shore to on shore processing facility with these valves typically situated on the jetty.
This client had requirements for preferred brands that they specify for certain component parts and Pneuton had to adhere to their vendors list. The customer also requested that the controls were not mounted locally on the actuators. The client wanted the controls mounted remotely in cabinets in 316 stainless steel construction. From sourcing component parts from external suppliers to designing and building the external control cabinets all within a short lead time of 8 weeks.
A development on this scale would normally have a lead-time of 52 working weeks. However, due to the failure of the original project Pneuton got a call and were required to deliver both the actuator and controls within 8 weeks.